Novedad: Advances in Discourse Studies (Bhatia, Flowerdew & Jones)

Publicado: 2 junio, 2008 en libros, publicaciones

Una nueva publicación muy interesante: Advances in Discourse Studies, editado por Vijay Bhatia, John Flowerdew y Rodney Jones, expertos en lenguas para fines específicos, y publicado por Taylor & Francis. El precio: 41,95 dólares. Fuente: Linguist list.


  1. Approaches to discourse analysis by Vijay K. Bhatia and John Flowerdew and Rodney H. Jones.
  2. Conversation analysis: overview and new directions by Paul Drew and Traci Curl.
  3. Being out of order: overlapping talk as evidence of trouble in airline pilots’ work by Maurice Nevile.
  4. Ethnographic-based discourse analysis: uses, issues and prospects by Graham Smart.
  5. Using ethnography in the analysis of pedagogical practice: perspectives from activity theory by Angel Lin.
  6. Corpora and discourse analysis: new ways of doing old things by David Y. W. Lee.
  7. Corpus-based analyses of discourse: dimensions of variation in conversation by Douglas Biber.
  8. Corpora and context in professional writing by Lynne Flowerdew.
  9. Some thoughts on personal identity construction: a multimodal perspective by Sigrid Norris.
  10. Multimodal discourse analysis: the case of ‘ability’ in UK secondary school English by Carey Jewitt and Ken Jones.
  11. Towards critical genre analysis by Vijay K. Bhatia.
  12. Genre evolution? The case for a diachronic perspective by Carol Berkenkotter.
  13. Critical discourse analysis and strategies of resistance by John Flowerdew.
  14. Mediation, text and action by Lilie Chouliaraki.
  15. Discourse itineraries: nine processes of resemiotization by Ron Scollon.
  16. Good sex and bad karma: discourse and the historical body by Rodney H. Jones.


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